Virtual Home Tours - A Must-Have Real Estate Resource

The Advent of 3D Virtual Tours

Technology has leapfrogged to a point where 3D virtual tours have become a dynamic part of the marketing arsenal in various industries. Gaming, virtual reality, and Google Earth have now acclimated the public to the excitement and utility of 3D renderings and 360-degree video. Now people tour museums, foreign countries, and various settings from the comfort of their homes.

A virtual tour begins by creating a 360-degree view of a location or space. In the case of real estate, this form of photography and videography allows viewers the opportunity to take in a particular property in a way that mirrors the experience of a live, real-time tour. Virtual tours work for many homes in a diverse swath of locations. On top of the convenience, you can also enhance the encounter by layering in effects like site-specific text, sound design, and visual cues to highlight certain features.

The New Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Because 95% of home buyers use online tours as a part of their home search, you want these online assets to be the best they can be. As you move toward embracing the innovation of a well-designed house virtual tour, keep the following stats in mind:

50% of users elect virtual tours when conducting product research.

360-degree photos spur 45% more user interaction than 2D photos.

World events in 2020 caused a 1000% increase in virtual tours.

Your virtual house tours or apartment tours will allow clients the ability to view a property on their own time from any location in the world. Because they’ll get an immediate sense of the layout and location, they’ll recognize whether the property actually piques their interest and meets their needs – saving agents the time and trouble of scheduling tours with clients who are only vaguely curious as opposed to seriously interested.

The Tools to Create Your Virtual Home Tours

To inaugurate your 3D tours, you need to first obtain a high-quality yet affordable 360-degree camera like the Trisio Lite 2. The other route is hiring a professional who brings in their equipment and lends their own experience and expertise. Once you’ve gathered the necessary panoramic images, you’ll use virtual tour software to build your virtual home tours. We’ve developed ELTA360 as an highly user-friendly software with an intuitive interface and ready-made templates that allow any user to create stunning 3D tours in as little as five minutes.

Armed with one or more exceptional virtual home tours, all that remains is to publish them to your site and get them on the screens of eager homebuyers ready to check out your listings. Gone are the days when a handful of photos or a hasty youtube video were enough to create a full picture of a property and generate maximum interest. Now, with virtual home tours created using ELTA360 software, clients receive comprehensive upfront information that gets them excited to check out a sale in person and ultimately close on it.